SIIAP members understand that service life is quite different from any other profession. We understand that you will move home frequently, you may face a higher risk of injury due to your role, you may be required to deploy on short notice and that even when ‘home’ you are required to spend long periods away on exercise.

As a result both the advice you are given and the products provided will take account of this.

For home contents cover, SIIAP members will ensure that all your goods are covered while In Transit – giving you peace of mind knowing that wherever you are in the world your important items are covered. In addition all policies from SIIAP members will cover your liability for damage to the property whilst in service provided accommodation.

For life insurance, member firms will source and use providers who will not charge additional premiums due to your occupation – and also ensure that should you ever be deployed your policy will cover you regardless.

For personal accident, SIIAP members provide a range of policies specifically designed to cover Forces Personnel and the unique challenges they face.

SIIAP members will also have an understanding of the benefits provided to you through your service by the MOD such as:

  • Armed Forces Pension Scheme
  • Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
  • MOD provided accommodation